Mission Statement

Create Baltimore is Baltimore's premiere un-conference. Now a healthy five years old, Create Baltimore is a way for socially-minded individuals from all sectors, experiences, and ages to come together to Create a stronger Baltimore. We host an annual event geared towards ideation, innovation, and action. The event itself is participant defined; that is, you tell us what Create Baltimore is all about. We provide space, nutrition and an expertly facilitated day where you can talk about issues most pressing to Baltimore, meet and network with others in the city, and generate action plans for turning ideas into reality. We then support your team with a seed grants program, sponsored by people in the city who believe in the power of fresh and new ideas.

Value Proposition

Nowhere else in Baltimore can a high-school entrepreneur, and angel investor, a social innovator, and a developer come together to share an empathetic experience to identifying a problem and proposing a solution. Create Baltimore is hands-down the most diverse, energized and excited group of people Baltimore has to offer. While many events in the city focus on specific sectors- technology, social entrepreneurship, community development, anti-racism, or otherwise- Create Baltimore focuses on bringing these minds together. We believe in that magic spark when people of different backgrounds come together. Scroll below to check out how we facilitate such an innovative approach to empathy and innovation on city-wide scale. Better yet, join us at the next Create Baltimore event, or show your support by making a donation to the Create Baltimore Impact Fund today.